Towner County Treasurer

All property taxes for city and county are due on January 1st.

They become delinquent on March 2nd.

There is a 5% discount applied to all real estate taxes. In order to receive this discount, the real estate taxes need to be paid in full on or before February 15th.

All tax statements are mailed out in December. Mobile Home tax statements are sent out from the Tax Equalization Directors office in January. By North Dakota Century Code, all tax statements must be mailed out by December 26th.

Property Taxes Fees + Penalties:

5% Discount Deadline:

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Penalties on 1st Installment + Specials:

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 - 3%

Saturday, May 1st, 2021 - 6%

July 1st, 2021 - 9%

October 15th, 2021 - 12%

Penalties on 2nd Installment:

October 16th, 2021 - 6%

Online payments are acceptable through the Official Payments tab below:

Once you have clicked on 'Official Payments' to pay your property taxes,

please know that there is a Convenience Fee of 2.65% of the transaction amount

with a minimum fee of $3.00 that is applied to all credit card payments.

Steps for Paying your Property Taxes:

1. Under 'Local Payments', you will need to click on 'Make A Payment'.

2. Here you will need to enter the following information:

State: North Dakota

Payment Entity: Towner County Treasurer

Payment Type: Real Estate Tax

3. In the next few steps, you will need your tax statement to help you fill out the information. Parcel Numbers are located at the top left side of the statement as well as below the perforated line.

4. Next you will enter the amount that you would like to pay and select which payment option you would like to use, whether that be a Credit/Debit Card or your Bank Account information. For the Bank Account option, you will need to know your routing and account number.

5. Lastly, you will need to enter your Billing Details and Confirm Your Payment.

If you do not receive a payment confirmation, assume that your payment was NOT successful.


Joni Morlock

County Treasurer

Term 2010-2014; Appointed 2015

Phone: (701) 968-4340 Ext 2001

Fax: (701) 968-4342


Megan Vote

Deputy Treasurer

Phone: (701) 968-4340 Ext 2003

Fax: (701) 968-4342


Mailing Address:

Towner County Treasurer/Auditor

PO Box 603

Cando, ND 58324

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

8:30am - 5:00pm

Closed from Noon - 1:00pm