Towner County Job Listings

Listed July 16th, 2018



Towner County is seeking several individuals for temporary/seasonal work in the Equalization Department.

Job includes physical inspection and data collection of residential and commercial properties. Proficiency in various computer programs such as Word, Excel and databases required. Must have strong communication and organizational skills and ability to work well with general public. Valid driver’s license and own transportation required. Prefer real estate or assessing background. Must be able to work flexible hours, which may include evenings or weekends.

Job description can be found online at

Send resume to Towner County, Director of Equalization, PO Box 603, Cando ND 58324

Position is open until closed.

Job Description


The Data Collector is the most visible member of the assessment process to the general public. In many cases, this individual will be the only person that the taxpayer may see. Therefore, it is extremely important that the Data Collector present a professional image to the public. The primary responsibility of the Data Collector is to locate, identify and accurately measure the exterior dimension of the assigned properties, as well as make a thorough inspection of the interiors and accurately record all pertinent data on a data collection form.

Reports to:

Director of Equalization

Works closely with:

Director of Equalization, Project Manager

Data Collectors are required to work flexible hours. These hours may include weekends or evenings.

Functional Responsibilities:

  1. Accurately record on the data collection form all required information that will be pertinent to the valuation of the property. Follow the guidelines of the data collection manual and guidelines developed by the county.

  2. Interact effectively and professionally with taxpayers to neutralize any misgivings on their part regarding the inspection process.

  3. Anticipate unusual situations and make quick and responsible decisions.

  4. Develop an awareness of quality and production requirements and maximize efforts to meet or exceed requirements on a daily and weekly basis.

  5. Submit on a timely basis, accurate production and corresponding reports, such as expense reports and other prescribed company documents.

  6. Exhibit the flexibility necessary to multi-task, and perform contracted services in multiple communities as needed.

  7. Adhere to Dress Code as outlined in Towner County Employee Manual.

Physical Requirements:

Data Collectors must have the ability to stand and walk for long periods of time. Bending, stretching, and kneeling are part of the daily routine.

Climbing stairs and the ability to carry 5-10 lbs of equipment throughout the workday is required.

This is an outdoor job and constant exposure to the elements is necessary in this position.