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Towner County Foreclosures

Auction of foreclosed properties will be held on
November 15th, 2022 at 10:00 AM
at the Towner County Court House - Auditor's Office

Terms of sale listed below




      Notice is hereby given that the following real estate has been forfeited to the County of Towner, State of North Dakota, for delinquent taxes, that said county has taken tax deed to such property and will offer it for sale at public auction at the Auditor’s Office in the Courthouse in said County on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 beginning at 10:00 a.m.

      Each parcel of real estate will be offered separately and sold to the highest bidder, but not for a sum less than the minimum sale price. Terms of sale are cash or cashier's check.        


LEGAL DESCRIPTION                                                                                                MINIMUM PRICE


City of Cando, McDonalds 3rd Add, Block D, N 50’ lots 1,2,3                                     $30,000

City of Cando, McDonalds 3rd Add, Block A, N 54’ lots 1,2,3,4,5                                $70,000                                  


      We, the undersigned Commissioners of Towner County, North Dakota, have appraised the County owned Real Estate this October 6, 2022.


 (s) Doug Berg

     Doug Berg, Chairman

(s) David Lagein

      David Lagein, Vice Chairman

(s) Lance Teubner

      Lance Teubner, Commissioner

(s) Matt Odermann

      Matt Odermann, Commissioner

 (s) Bob Hallaway

      Bob Hallaway, Commissioner

Terms of Annual Sale

November 15, 2022

Towner County Auditor


1.         Each parcel of land will be sold at auction to the highest bidder for not less than the posted minimum sale price.  Terms are cash or check to be deposited immediately with the Towner County Treasurer.  The county is deeding its interest in the property.  We recommend the successful bidder perfect their title.  The county issues what is known as a “county deed”.  Any questions of a legal nature should be discussed with your attorney.


2.         The descriptions provided are based on the Official Records of the County Recorder’s Office and are presumed to be correct.


3.         Prospective purchasers are urged to examine the title, location and desirability of the properties available to their own satisfaction prior to the sale.  The County makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, relative to the title, location or condition of the properties for sale. The County assumes no liability for any other possible liens, encumbrances or easements, recorded or not recorded.


4.         Prospective purchasers are advised that some assessments which are levied by agencies or offices other than the County may still be outstanding after the tax sale; in addition, the I.R.S. has the option of redeeming, up until 120 days after the sale, any property on which there is an I.R.S. lien recorded.


5.         If the successful purchaser desires a survey of the property, it will be at the purchaser’s own initiative and expense. The County makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, relative to the usability, the ground location, or property lines of the properties. The prospective purchaser must determine the exact location, desirability, and usefulness of the properties.

6.         The sale of these properties should not, in any way, be equated to real estate sales by licensed salesmen, brokers and realtors. The County cannot guarantee the condition of the property nor assume any responsibility for conformance to codes, permits or zoning ordinances. You should inspect the property before investing. The burden is on the purchaser to thoroughly research, before the sale, any matters relevant to his or her decision to purchase, rather than on the county, whose sole interest is the recovery of back taxes.

7.         Your bid is an irrevocable offer to purchase the asset.


8.         Successful bidder shall state in writing the name(s) and address(es) in which the County Deed shall be issued.  Note that the property will be deeded in the name of the bidder unless the bidder has written, signed permission from another party to record the deed in their name.


9.       A copy of the deed will be mailed to the purchaser after it is signed by the Chair of the Towner County Commission.  The County Recorder will send the original deed to the owner after recording is completed.


10.       The minimum bid price includes all taxes, penalties, interest and annual installments of specials certified to the Towner County Auditor through the 2020 tax year.  The bid price also includes the estimated taxes and annual installment of special assessments for the 2021 tax year.


11.       Upon delivery of the deed, the property becomes taxable to the purchaser for the 2022 tax year.

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